Cheticamp, Nova Scotia



Dalhousie University Team: 

Roger Mullin, Ted Cavanagh


Le Conseil des Arts


These “barrels” provide accommodations for children participating in summer theatre camps held at the Petit Cercle Theatre. They were constructed in the courtyard of the Ecole NDA to provide privacy and security for their inhabitants as well as shelter from the strong winds typical in Cheticamp. It can be installed for the summer months and disassembled in fall. This location required the units to fit through a 3ft door.

The 10′ diameter barrels housed 4 bunks each, with a total capacity of 20 children in the 5 barrels. Plywood was covered in vinyl with zip entries. Wiffle balls provided air circulation through the vinyl and some light.

The entire process included 2 days of consultation, 10 days of design, and 225 days of construction.