A triplestore or RDF store is a purpose-built database for the storage and retrieval of RDF triples through semantic queries. A RDF triple is a data entity composed of subject-predicate-object, like “This building is made of brick”.

Much like a relational database, one stores information in a triplestore and retrieves it via a query language (SPARQL). Unlike a relational database, a triplestore is optimized for the storage and retrieval of triples.

Our intent is to build a triplestore of existing and proposed documentation from a vast array of available resources that are dedicated to design build. The central triplestore will contain metadata on all design build processes of all members.

Members will share a common dictionary: the ontology, and common syntax: the RDF schema. They will then be able to regularly and automatically send some contents of their database to the central triplestore. The dbx portal, or any member’s web site that has access to the portal, will be able to search (SPARQL queries) all documented design build processes available online.

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