North American schools of architecture utilize DESIGN-BUILD as a way of teaching, community outreach, and building science research.

The DESIGN-BUILD EXCHANGE (dbX) is an initiative to facilitate the exchange of information, knowledge, and practices critical to educational design-build. It advocates for design-build and aims to define the full breadth of its possibilities. It will establish a network, archive resources, host live resources, and design a peer-review system appropriate to the field.

The DESIGN-BUILD EXCHANGE (dbX) will be delivered through various media including a website hosted by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA). The dbX seeks to:

  1. Define educational design-build through its origins, evolution, and emerging trends;
  2. Define a taxonomy of design-build foci that encompasses a full array of its interpretations;
  3. Establish a network of people, programs, and projects;
  4. Establish a repository of archived resources including relevant scholarship and practices;
  5. Establish live resources, including open source, blogs, chat rooms, project monitoring, and opportunities;
  6. Establish a process for peer review specific to the unique elements of design-build; and
  7. Advocate and facilitate advocacy for educational design-build in North America.

This initiative was supported in principle at the ACSA AGM in Miami and developed through workshops at the ACSA Design-Build Conference in Halifax and the ACSA AGM in Seattle.. At the 2015 AGM, the ACSA agreed to add resources to the initiative. The dbX collaborates with dbX Europe and Live Projects (UK) and is funded by grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and ComputeCanada.